The worst things for your body

A Lycra-clad dietician stood in front of the crowd addressing a group of seniors. “MEAT!” she screamed, pointing at the audience. “Meat is one of the worst things for your body. Every year, we poison ourselves with enough meat to kill us!”.

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The crowd contemplated this drastic assumption for a moment. “VEGETABLES!” screamed the dietician. “If they are not organic, most vegetables are crawling with germs and harsh chemicals.” The crowd, once gain, fell silent for a moment.

“BUT! There is ONE food that can KILL us quicker than meat or vegetables,” boomed the dietician surveying the crowd “YOU SIR” she said, pointing at a random man in the front row. “Can you tell me – what’s the worst food for your health?”.

Without skipping a beat, the man replied “Wedding cake.”

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