The smart homeless man

A homeless man was cruising along the highway in a brand new Audi sports car. Some friends stopped him and wanted to know how on Earth he got that car. So the homeless man behind the wheel began to explain:

“I was sitting on the curb minding my own business when a beautiful girl pulled up in this car that you see. ‘Want a ride?’ she asked, so naturally I got in.

We drove far out into the country and then she stopped the car and we both got out.

‘Kiss me’ she said, so I kissed her. She was absolutely gorgeous.

Then she started to disrobe, standing there in all her feminine beauty, wearing nothing but a pair of silk panties.

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Holding her beautiful arms out towards me she said, ‘You can have anything I have got’

Well, I could see her panties would never fit me, so I took the car”

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