The price of the parrot

A man enters a pet shop and inspects the parrots. An assistant asks if he sees one that interests him.

“Yes, I like the green one. How much is that?”

The attendant tells him it’s $1000. When the man asks why so expensive, he learns that the green parrot is an exceptional touch typist. Next he points to a blue one and asks about it.

“Well, sir, that one’s $2000 but for that you get a bird that types, takes dictation and operates the switchboard. It would make a wonderful secretary”

“I guess it would,” he replies. Trying once again, the man points to a red parrot. “How much is that one?”

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The assistant tells him it’s $5000.

“$5000!” the man exclaims. “What does it do…?”

“I have no idea, sir, but the others call it ‘Boss.’ ”


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