The Pope goes for a drive

The Pope arrives in New York and gets in his limo. While driving the Pope asks his driver, “May I drive?”

The driver can’t refuse since he’s the Pope and all, so the Pope hops into the driver seat and the driver into the back.

It’s been a very long time since the Pope had driven himself; he is a terrible driver. He swerves in and out of traffic and eventually gets pulled over. The police officer that pulled him over approaches the driver but immediately goes back to his cruiser. He tells his partner, “There is an extremely important person in the limo.”

His partner asks, “Is it the mayor?”

The cop replies, “Bigger!”

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His partner asks, “Is it the governor?”

Again the cop says, “Bigger!”

His partner replies, “It couldn’t be the president?!”

The cop says, “I don’t know. But whoever it is has the frickin’ Pope driving him around!”


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