The party you missed

It was 1:00pm on a Monday. The postman arrived with a delivery for number 10 and was surprised to see both cars still parked in the driveway. As he placed the mail in the letter box, he noticed Don, the homeowner, come out the door wearing his darkest sunglasses. Don was carrying a huge armful of wine, beer and spirit bottles for the recycle bin.

“Gee, Don,” the postman said, “you must have had a pretty good party last night!”

Don was not at his best but managed to say, “Actually, the party was Saturday night. This is the first time I’ve surfaced since it finished about 5:00 yesterday morning. We had about 15 couples at the party and ended it by playing the game, ‘Who Am I?”

“‘Who Am I?’”, the postman asked. “Never heard of it! How’s that played?”

Don explained, “Well, all the blokes go into the bedroom and strip. They come back out again dressed in a sheet with a hole cut in it. All you can see are the family jewels. The women then have to guess who it is”.

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The postman thought it sounded a great game. “Sorry I missed the party, Don”.

“Probably just as well you did. Some of the women thought it was you”.

Oh God, I’m so pleased I wasn’t there!

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