The lift

Dad took Mum and Dave to Brisbane for the first time. Mum had an appointment with a doctor, so the two men went off for a walk along Queen Street. As they passed a building, the door opened automatically. They decided to go in, having to dodge as the doors tried to close before they were properly inside.

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“Gosh, Dad, I hope we can get back out again,” said Dave.

While in the auditorium, they watched as a woman, old and wrinkled, hobbled past. She made her way to a marble wall and a section of it mysteriously slid open. The woman stepped in and the wall closed behind her. Dad and Dave stood watching as a counter above the door climbed from 0 to 20. It paused for a few moments and then counted back down to 0. There was a ‘ding’, the wall opened and a beautiful, spry young woman stepped out, walking brightly out of the building.

Dad stood, looking slackjawed at his son. Then he twigged!

“Son, go get your mother…!”

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