The King makes it happen

The king of a very rich kingdom wants his daughter to get married, but she is a very particular girl and only wants to marry the most courageous man in the kingdom.

Wanting to see his daughter happy the king sets up a test that any man in the kingdom could come and try to beat: The Pit of Doom. A huge square pit is dug right outside the palace and filled with all the vilest and dangerous creatures the kingdom has to offer. Any man willing to participate would have to cross this pit and make it out alive to claim the princess as his prize.

Word spreads about the Pit of Doom, and while many men are interested, fear gets the best of them and a couple of days pass without a single attempt.

After a week of waiting the King finally sees some guy jump into the pit and start running! The people surrounding the pit start cheering as this guy is running for his life, somehow avoiding most of the danger in the pit. After 10 minutes he emerges with his clothes torn and his body battered, but still alive.

The king runs over to him and says “You have done it! You will receive my daughter’s hand in marriage!”

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While trying to catch his breath, the man looks up and says “I…don’t…want.. that”

Puzzled, the king looks and him and says “You don’t want that?? Okay, well there must be a prize you want after a courageous act like that. How about I give you rule over your own city in the kingdom?”

Again out of breath the man looks up and says “I…dont…want…that”

Looking even more puzzled the king goes “What?? Okay, what if I give you your own Castle filled with gold to keep you wealthy for generations to come?”

Again the man goes “I…dont…want…that”

Now on the brink of anger, the king goes “Well if none of those things seem attractive to you then what the hell do you want?!?!”

The man looks up after finally catching his breath and goes “I just want the bastard who pushed me in!”

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