The joke of ageing

Are you noticing as we get a little older things don’t always go as smoothly as we would like? Our reading glasses are not always where we want them to be, or thought they were. The TV is hard to hear, reading a book, have to go back and reread the page. I have noticed things are changing so I wrote this!


The Joke 

There’s something in my house,

There’s something in my house, I know.

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There’s something in my house,

It just won’t go.

It makes me trip, there’s nothing there.

I drop a glass and chip a plate.

I know it’s here to make me late.

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I read a page; I read it twice.

My glasses, where are they?

I sit up close, I strain to hear, the TV’s up to 63.

I have to run to have a wee, that’s definitely not like me.

When I’m in the car I look straight ahead, they toot and honk, I shake my head.

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If it wasn’t for me, you’d all be dead.

At the mall there’s such a crowd, suddenly it’s all so loud.

There’s a long, long line, to pay the bills, bugger, I have yet to get my pills.

At the clinic, they prod and poke, take my blood, no, I don’t smoke.

Old age is such a joke, and the joke is on me.


Does this joke sound like your life? What can you not help but laugh at as you get older? Share with us today.