The death of Reilly

A group of Irishmen play cards at McLenehan’s house. Reilly isn’t having a good night. Trying to make good, he puts a huge bet on one hand and loses £500. He clutches his chest and dies of a heart attack. The others are shocked. To show their respect, they play the rest of the game standing up.

Late in the evening, McLenehan says, “Now, boys, one of us will need to go see Reilly’s wife to let her know”.

In unison, they all turn and look at O’Malley. He seems a bit doubtful at first but then says, “Oh, all right, I’ll do it. Tact and discretion are my middle names!”

O’Malley walks up to the house in the dark and knocks. Marie Reilly opens the door and says, “Daniel! Good t’see you. What brings you here at this hour?”

“Oh Marie,” he responds, “I’ve come to tell you Reilly lost £500 in a game of cards…”

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Not surprisingly, she is as mad as hell. “Well then, Daniel O’Malley, you can go tell him to drop dead!”

“All right, Marie, I’ll do that!”

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