The day of a big event, a jockey's horse ...

The day of a big event, a jockey’s horse is injured. The trainer offers another horse to the jockey.

“You just have to remember to say ‘Alley-oop!’ really loudly in the horse’s ear before each jump and everything will be fine,” says the trainer.

At the first hurdle, the jockey ignores the advice and the horse crashes straight into the jump.

At the second hurdle, the jockey whispers “Alley-oop!” in the horse’s ear. Once again, it crashes through the centre of the jump.

At the third hurdle, the jockey gives in and yells “Alley-oop!” as loud as he can. The horse clears the jump with ease, but it’s not enough to win the event.

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“What’s wrong with you?” the trainer demands. “You could’ve injured him!”

“There’s nothing wrong with me,” says the jockey. “It’s this bloody horse. Is he deaf or something?”

“Deaf?” the trainer says. “Deaf? He’s blind.

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