The baby polar bear

A baby polar bear went to its mother and said, “Mum, am I really a polar bear?”

Mum answered, “Of course my son, you are a lovely polar bear. Now go outside and play.”

Ten minutes later the baby polar bear came back and said, “Mum, are you really sure I am a polar bear?”

Mum answered, “Of course you are a polar bear. Look at your lovely white coat; black nose and big eyes. You’re a beautiful polar bear, now go away and play.”

The baby polar bear went outside but 10 minutes later came back to his mother and said, “Mum, are you really, really sure I’m a polar bear?”

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Mother Polar Bear was now getting annoyed with her son and said: “I have told you twice you are a polar bear. Whats your problem, why do you keep asking me?”

The baby polar bear replied, “Because I’m cold.”

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