The atheist in the forest

An atheist was walking through the forest. The birds were tweeting, butterflies flying, brook bubbling, leaves fluttering and bees buzzing. Suddenly a big bear appeared in front of the atheist.

The atheist started running and the bear after him. Unfortunately the atheist tripped and fell. The bear was on top of him and ready to make a deadly swipe with his huge paw.

The atheist cried out “Oh God!” and everything stopped. The birds, the bees, the butterflies, the trees, the brook and the bear’s paw stopped in mid air. 

Then a great voice spoke, “Why are you asking me for help when all your life you have called creation a cosmic accident? Is it that you want me to make the bear a Christian?” 

The atheist said, “That would be a good idea”.

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Everything started moving again. Birds tweeting, bees buzzing, butterflies flying, brook bubbling and the bear’s paw moved down slowly and joined other paw over the atheist.

The bear said, “For what I am about to receive, may The Lord make me truly thankful”.

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