The 60th birthday gift

A woman walked into a sports store and headed over to the racks of fishing rods.

She chose what looked like a nice rod and carried it across to the counter.

The store owner stood there and she asked, “Is this the best rod you have? It’s my husband’s 60th birthday and I want to buy him the very best available.”

The store owner said, “I’m blind but I can tell by feel that you got this from the rack on the left. It’s a good $60 rod but if you want the very best, take it back over and get one from the rack on the right. They are $100 rods and worth every cent of the difference.”

“Oh thank you,” the woman replied. “By the way, do you gift wrap?

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“Yes, we do. It’s a free service to our customers.”

The woman went to the other rack and chose a rod. While there, she realised she needed to fart. Thinking she was far enough away from the man, she released a quiet little little ‘brap’. Returning to the counter, she watched in awe the beautiful job the blind man did gift wrapping the rod.

When done, the man said, “Thanks for your custom. That will be $110, please.

The lady was surprised. “I thought you said gift wrapping was a free service?”

“Yes ma’am, it is, but there’s $10 for the duck caller.”

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