That’s when the fight started!

It was Saturday morning. I slipped quietly out of bed and dressed. Headed downstairs, prepared a sandwich and a thermos of coffee for lunch. Went through to the garage where I already had the boat hooked up to the 4×4. Opened the roller door and drove out into the foulest weather I’d ever seen. It was bucketing down and the wind was blowing a gale. Turning on the ABC, the boating program was issuing warnings about a slow moving storm front.

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Oh damn. I love my fishing but enough’s enough. I backed the rig inside, closed the door and headed upstairs. I undressed quietly and got into bed, then cuddled up to my wife’s back, now intent on a different activity. Gently licking the back of her ear, I whispered, “The weather out there is atrocious”.

My darling wife of 10 years moaned. She replied, “Yes, and my stupid husband is out there fishing in it!”

That’s when the fight started!



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