Penguins on parade show off their festive season spirit

On any given day you can read about politics, health ailments and remedies, and whatever the hell the royals are up to, but when it comes to cuteness factor none comes close to penguins. Lots of penguins. In Christmas-themed outfits.

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Yes, you read this correctly.

These penguins on parade are taking part in a festival in South Korea.

They are dressed in costumes for the festive season, so some of these adorable little guys are wearing Santa suits, while others in the group have taken part as Christmas trees. There is also an explorer or two, which you can only assume is because people go looking for Santa at the North Pole.

It’s an event that occurs every year, and when it happens social media goes into meltdown, which is probably why it’s important for you to take a look — you don’t want to miss out on such an adorable view.

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