No pets allowed

Two men, Jim and John, were walking their dogs when they passed by a restaurant. “Let’s go in and get something to eat,” Jim suggested. “We can’t” responded John, “don’t you see the sign says NO PETS ALLOWED”.
“Aah that sign,” said Jim “don’t worry about it” and taking out a pair of sunglasses, he walked up to the door. As he tried walking into the restaurant he got stopped at the door, “sorry no pets allowed. “Can’t you see” said Jim “I am blind, this is my seeing eye dog”.
“But it’s a doberman pincher, who uses a doberman pincher as a seeing eye dog?” the man asked.
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“Oh,” Jim responded “you must have not heard, this is the latest type of seeing eye dog, they do a very good job”. Seeing that it worked, John tried walking in with his chihuahua.
Even before he could open his mouth, the doorman said “don’t tell me that a chihuahua is the latest type of seeing eye dog”.
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Thinking quickly John responded in a angry voice, “You mean they gave me a chihuahua?”
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