I've got the good news...and the bad news.

Dad and Dave and old Bert have come forward to the modern day but they’re still the same characters they always were.

They head off to Sydney for a few days and, for the heck of it, and because Mum isn’t there to stop them, book themselves into a suite on the 90th floor of the biggest, poshest hotel in town. On their first night, returning to the hotel, they learn that the lifts are all inoperable and the only way to their room is to climb 90 flights of stairs. A bit of a problem this, because Dave’s sprained an ankle and the other two have to help him.

As they get to the door at the bottom of the stairs, Dad says, to help them along, he’ll tell political stories until they’re up to the 30th floor. From there to the 60th floor, old Bert can tell country stories and then, for the last 30 floors, Dave can tell ‘good news, bad news’ stories.

Struggling upstairs with the injured Dave goes pretty well because Dad as always spins a good yarn and keeps them amused. They’re getting a bit tired by the 60th floor but old Bert’s yarns have kept them going all right. Now it’s Dave’s turn but he stops, turning to the others. He says, “Better tell you my first ‘good news, bad news’ yarn, I s’pose.” They tell him to spit it out.

“Well, the good news is I know where the key to our suite is”.

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“Okay,” Dad and old Bert chorus, “what’s the bad news?”

“It’s in the glovebox of the car down in the basement”.

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