It’s a pirate’s life for me

A Little Kid Sees a Pirate on the Beach and walks up to him. The pirate has a peg-leg, a hook, and an eyepatch. Intrigued, the kid asks, “how come you’ve got that peg for a foot?”

The pirate responds, “Aye, now that’s a story. I was battlin’ another ship with me crew, and a cannon ball flew straight toward me. Blew everythin’ past me ankle clean off!”

“Wow, ” the kid says. “What about your hook for a hand?”

“Same day as me leg, actually. Shortly after the cannon ball hit, a stray bullet went clean through me wrist. Nothin’ could be done to save the hand.”

“Sorry to hear that,” the kid comments. “Did you lose your eye that day too?”

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“No, that happened about a week later. It was a clear, smooth-sailin’ day. I heard a bird call, looked skyward, and got an eye full ‘o bird crap.”

The kid looks incredulous. “That wouldn’t make you lose your eye!”

“Aye,” the pirate admits, “but I hadn’t gotten used to the hook yet.”

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