Boys and their technology

After a long round of golf, Harry and Terry were having a cold one at the club bar.  Both men pride themselves on having all the latest technology. When one pulls out his phone, the other has to pull out his more expensive phone, which causes the other to pull out a tablet. It can go on for ages.

Terry pulls out what looks like a wallet. He unfolds it and it’s a foldable computer.

“Latest thing from Japan,” Terry brags. “Wife got it for me for my birthday.”

“Very nice,” said Harry.

“The only problem is that it needs one of those USB dongles to get the internet,” lamented Terry.

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Terry starts flapping around in his pants and it looks rather suspicious.

“What are you doing?” asked Harry.

Terry exclaimed, “Looking for my dongle.”

“My wife keeps my dongle in her purse,” Harry said with a cheeky grin, “but she let’s me use it on MY birthday.”