At the bus stop

A lovely woman is first in line at a bus stop. The bus opens its doors to let her on. She lifts her leg for the step and funds she cannot reach it. She realises it must be her tight dress and reaches back and unzips it a little bit.

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Again, she brings her leg up and still cannot reach the first step of the bus. A little more embarrassed, she reaches back again and unzips her dress a good deal more.

But again, her foot fails to reach the step. Finally, she reaches back and unzips the dress almost all the way. At this point, the young man behind her reaches forward, grabs her by the hips and lifts her to the step.

Infuriated, she turns and nearly screams, “And what made you think you had permission to touch me like that!?”

The man calmly replies, “Well, after you reached back and unzipped my fly three times I kinda figured we were friends.”

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