An old man on his deathbed has ...

An old man on his deathbed has spent his entire life saving money and clinging to his riches. With no friends left, he only has his priest, doctor and lawyer at his side.

“I know most people say you can’t bring money with you after you die,” the man says, “but I want each of you to throw this into my grave just as they are about to bury me.”

He hands each of them an envelope with $50,000 inside.

After his funeral, the three gather together.

“I have to confess something,” the doctor says. “I’ve really been wanting to take a holiday, so I only threw $40,000 in.”

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The priest bows his head. “I have my own confession. We’re renovating the church, so I only threw in $25,000. I feel terrible.”

“You should feel terrible!” the lawyer says. “I threw in the $50,000 he gave me and I also added another $5,000.”

“What?” the doctor is bewildered. “Why would you give a dead man even more of your money?”

“He seemed nice,” the lawyer replies. “I wrote him a cheque for the full amount.” 

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