A woman took her lover home while ...

tennis racquet

A woman took her lover home while her husband was at work.

Her nine-year-old son, Stevie, had cheekily decided to skip school, and he hid in the closet when he heard his mother walk in.

When the woman’s husband came home early, she put her lover in the closet, not realising that Stevie was in there as well.

“Dark in here,” said Stevie.

“Yes,” said the man.

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“Want to buy my football?”

“Not really.”

“My dad’s outside,” said Stevie.

“Fine,” said the man. “How much do you want?”

“I want $250.”

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Two weeks later, the same thing happened.

“Dark in here,” said Stevie.


“Want to buy my tennis racquet?”

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Remembering the last time, the man sighed. “How much?”

“I’ll give it to you for $750.”

A few days later, Stevie’s father told Stevie to get ready for the park.

“I don’t have my football or my tennis racquet,” said Stevie. “I sold them for $1,000.”

“Stevie, that’s terrible! You can’t overcharge your friends like that. You’re going straight to confession, mister.”

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At the church, Stevie stepped into the confession booth and sat down.

“Dark in here,” he said.

“Don’t start that game again,” said the priest. “You’re in my closet now.”

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