A quick mind saves the day

A man walks into the store.  He grabs a 500g pack of butter and goes up to the sales counter.  

“I would only like to buy half of this,” he said to the salesperson.

The salesperson was puzzled, “I’m sorry, sir, but the 500g pack is the smallest we have.”

“But I only want half. I want to speak to your manager.” said the man.

The salesperson, a young boy, went to the manager’s office and said, “An idiot outside wants to buy only half of a pack of butter”.

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To his surprise, the customer was standing right behind him, the boy added immediately, “And this gentleman wants to buy the other half”.

After the customer left, the manager said “You have saved your position by being clever enough at the right time. Where do you come from?”

The boy smiled and said, “I come from Brazil. A place of only prostitutes or football players!” He smiled at his own joke, but the manager wasn’t laughing.

The manager replied coldly, “My wife is also from Brazil!!”.

Without missing a beat the boy said, “Oh yeah? Which team does she play for?”

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