A man goes out drinking with his friends …
By Starts at 60 WritersIn JokesOn Saturday 7th Oct, 2017

A man goes out drinking with his friends …

A man goes out drinking with his friends, after promising his wife that he’ll be home by midnight.

Midnight comes and goes. He finally arrives home just before 3am. As he walks in, he realises the cuckoo clock is about to go off.

With a flash of genius, he decides to coo another nine times to make it seem like it’s still midnight. Finished, he sneaks into bed, satisfied with his plan.

The next morning, he wakes up and finds that his wife isn’t mad at all.

“You sleep okay last night?” he asks cautiously.

“Fine,” the wife says. “But we need a new cuckoo clock.”


“Last night it cooed three times, then it yelled ‘Crap!’, cooed another six times and giggled. Then it cooed three more times, farted, and tripped on the carpet.”

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