A blind man was heading to visit ...

A blind man was heading to visit distant relatives in Texas. When he arrived on the plane, he was surprised.

“These seats sure are big!”

The person next to him laughed. “Everything is big in Texas.”

When he arrived at his hotel, he visited the bar for a glass of beer.

“Wow, this glass is enormous!” he said.

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The bartender laughed. “Everything is big in Texas.”

A little while later, the blind man asked the bartender for directions to the bathroom.

“Second door to the right,” the bartender said.

The blind man headed for the bathroom, but he misjudged the distances and went through the third door, which led to the swimming pool. Not realising where he was, he fell in by accident.

Horrified, the man started flailing around in the water.

“Don’t flush!” he yelled. “Don’t flush!”

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