A bet you have to win

A man walks into his boss’ office and says, “I got a bet for you.  I bet you $500 I can lick my eyeball.”

Laughing the boss agrees.  The man takes off a fake eyeball and licks it. The boss angrily gives him the 500$. The man smiles and tries his luck again. “I bet you another $500 that I can bite my own ears.”

The boss pulls his ears to check if the man is wearing any fake ones, then agrees. The man takes out a set of fake teeth from his mouth and bites his ear with them. Now furious, the boss gives him 500$ and tells him to go away.

The next day, the man walks back into the boss’ office.  The boss sighs, “What now? Didn’t you take enough money from me?”

The man puts up his hands and says, “This one is easy.  Double or nothing!  That’s $2,000!  I bet I can figure out what colour underwear you are wearing in one guess.”

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Intrigued, the boss agrees.  The man thinks for a second and says “Purple.”

The boss slaps his hands on his desk, “HA!” he says, “They’re black.  Pay up!”

The man says, “Can I see them? I need proof.”

Happy to have his money plus more the boss goes to his private bathroom and comes out moments later twirling his underwear on his finger.  They are indeed black.

The man nods and cheerfully hands $2,000 to his boss. The boss is puzzled, “Why are you so happy?”

The man smiles and points to all the employees who are watching through the window. “I bet all 50 of the staff $500 each I could get you to show me your underwear.”

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