10 hilarious reasons getting older is awesome!

Here’s a Friday Funny! These are ten reasons getting older is awesome… We read them out loud in the Starts at 60 office and some has us laughing our heads off!

A big thank you to Audrey Felley who shared these hilarious musings with us…

1. Kidnappers not interested in you

2. In hostage situations you could be released first

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3. No one expects to run from a burning building

4. People call at 9am and say “did I wake you”

5. You are no longer viewed as a hypochondriac

6. Nothing left to learn the hard way

7. Things you buy now wont wear out

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8. You can eat your meals at any time of day and people won’t complain

9. Contraception isn’t compulsory

10. You can choose to tune out of conversations you don’t want to be apart of and can blame your hearing