If there’s one thing the stars of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ know, it’s that getting older can be the time of your life!

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are back with their beloved characters Eddy and Patsy and this time they’re bigger, better, and more outrageous than ever.

Trying to stay young, hip and cool Patsy and Eddy are still madly drinking, partying and smoking and refusing to take life too seriously, much to the disapproval of Eddy’s straight-laced daughter Saffy.

The pair get themselves into trouble when Eddy accidentally pushes the world’s most famous supermodel Kate Moss into the Themes and they become the most hated women in the world overnight.

Hilarity ensues as they escape to the French Riviera and try to find a rich man to make all their problems go away.

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Unlike their characters, Jennifer, 58, and Joanna, 70, have no problems with growing old, but they’re certainly making sure they have fun while they do it.

“They say old age is always 15 years older than you are,” says Joanna.

“Bits of you begin to rot and fall off but you’re still you on the inside! You don’t actually change.”

“You have all these website now and you go onto Facebook and they say ‘What happened to them’ and they have a picture of them when they’re 16 and one when they’re 100 and you go, ‘they got old!’ that’s what age does, you can’t always look 16,” adds Jennifer.

When asked if they had any fears about returning to the screen 20 years later, they said it was all good until they saw themselves on the big screen.

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“You always feel young, you always feel the same,” says Jennifer.

“It’s only when your face is 20-foot high on a massive screen that you go, ‘shit!’ but you want to look like you look without airbrushing or anything.”

In the end one of the most alluring things about the film is the friendship between it’s main characters Eddy and Patsy.

“They love us because where good friends and we’ve been friends forever,” says Joanna.

“And also when you get older your friends are what you rely on,” adds Jennifer.

Will you be watching Absolutely Fabulous The Movie? Did you used to watch the show on TV?