Is this really how the younger generation sees us?

It’s one of the most popular shows on Australian television at the moment and thus it has been quite hard to avoid seeing something about Channel 10’s The Bachelorette.

Last night bachelorette Sam Frost asked her date Richie to get his hair and makeup done to look 50 years older than he is. At the end of the four hours with the special makeup team, the pair were sent into their 80s.

The makeup looked incredible considering it was put on two people in their 20s, but it was what they did on their date that made us wonder: is this really how the older generation is perceived by the younger generations?

Sam and Richie giggled uncontrollably as they drove to the bingo hall for a game, where they were met with people who looked to be closer to 60 than 80, as the pair had been made to look.

It was hard to tell if the other bingo players knew if the two weren’t really who they said they were, but it didn’t seem to matter, or stop one lady from sidling up to Richie, or Richard, as he wanted to be called.

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While bingo is a great game, we wonder if the two realise that being in your 80s, or even your 60s for that matter, doesn’t have to be just like what you see in movies. They seemed shocked that their date had been so fun and also that you could even have a good time as a senior. Well, we certainly could show them!

Take a look at their date below and tell us, do you reckon it was all just a bit of fun or do you think that they should have got out of the stereotypical bingo hall and done something else?