How to deal with Helen Mirren's biggest body insecurity

Dame Helen Mirren has to be one of the most glamorous, chic and elegant over 60s in the media – no matter what she is doing or whatever she is wearing she looks immaculate. However recently she changed up her style, wearing a knee-length skirt and this is seen her previous style problem re-surface… Her legs!

Everyone has a body part that we’re just not comfortable about. For some it’s the tummy, for others it’s the arms and for Helen, it’s the legs.

In 2007 during an interview she shared her feelings about her biggest insecurity and went so far as to say that she’d consider professional help to improve it.

She said, “I have chunky legs. I always worry about them. “They used to be my (former English soccer player) Kevin Keegan’s, they went on to be my Gazza’s (soccer ace Paul Gascoigne) and now they’re my Rooney’s (English soccer player). If I get to the point where it’s depressing me, then I will have it done.”

And while she looked absolutely radiant while on the talk show this week in her knee-length skirt, the media did the rounds talking about those legs.

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One writer said, “Her knees were bony, her calves chunky and her ankles had a touch of the — dare I say it — dreaded ‘cankle’ (when the ankle seems as wide as the calf).

I am sure I speak for so many other women when I say that I adore Helen Mirren and how she stands up for mature glamour. But I took great comfort in seeing that at least one, tiny, part of her isn’t as flawless as the rest. I’m relieved I’m not the only one to lack a set of finely turned ankles.”

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Now we know that our bodies change as we age, especially in shape, size and firmness but we probably don’t know enough about making the most of the parts we do love or in Dame Helen’s case, how to hide those we don’t.

So today let’s take a look at some of the best ways to hide unsightly, ageing legs. Remember that there’s absolutely no shame in having “older” appearing body parts, in fact they’re something to be proud of! But in case you’re not so happy with how your pins look these days, here’s some tips.

1. Work on your basic leg care just as you would your face. Keep a basic routine of hair removal, exfoliation and moisturising every week. It will keep them looking smooth and regardless of the final appearance, you’ll feel better knowing they’re looked after!

2. Change your wardrobe to suit them better. Depending on what part of your legs you don’t like, change your outfit. Helen Mirren traditionally wears midi-length dresses and skirts that taper in below the knee creating a flattering silhouette. The attention is rarely on shoes and instead she focusses on embellishing her look with jewellery.

3. Reduce cellulite. While there’s no one trick fix, there are a number of things that can be done to reduce it’s appearance. Dry body brushing with a soft bristled brush can increase blood flow that will reduce the look of cellulite. Or, you can try using coffee grounds as a scrub – the caffeine is believed to have a positive effect!

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4. Stockings always come in handy. Stockings are great for anyone with visible veins or to smooth out dimply skin. They’re not very effective in the Australian summer as the heat is too much but in the winter they’re always a great, easy idea.

5. Stay hydrated and keep moving. Regular walking and exercise will keep the blood flow high and will improve muscle tone – the first step to great legs! Then drinking enough water keeps them hydrated from the inside out and can flush out toxins that contribute to a lumpy appearance.

So this week when you’re having a “bad body day” remember that the best of us – Dame Helen Mirren included – also face the same challenges we do – but there’s always an answer!

Tell us, what is your problem area? How have you learnt to love/hide/deal with it?