Helen Mirren swears on live TV... but was it really that bad?

Helen Mirren has shocked TV anchors after she let a curse word out during an interview. But was it even a word worthy of such a reaction?

It’s a term that many Australians are familiar with, but that didn’t stop the hosts from getting quite upset at the Dame.

Being interviewed for Good Morning Britain, she said that during a camping trip with her ex Liam Neeson “it pissed with rain”, making presenter Ben Shephard promptly stop her and apologise to viewers.

“Oh, we should apologise – we can’t say things like that first thing in the morning,” said Shephard. “It’s like one of those moments when you put your foot in your mouth. Apologies”.

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She replied: “I’m so sorry … It rained a lot”, but then innocently asked, “Why can’t you say that?” and was cut off immediately by co-host Kate Garraway who said, “Can we have that debate another time or we’ll get fired?’”

“You might be the Queen but you can’t say that”.

Helen was clearly a bit red-faced after the incident.

Do you think that was a fair reaction, or did the hosts get a bit hot under the collar for no reason? Do you use this turn of phrase?