Heartwarming story of couple who still eat their original wedding cake after 61 years

Ken and Ann are more in love with each other than ever. Photo: YouTube.

Some couples practice a tradition where every year, they celebrate their wedding anniversary by eating a small piece of their original wedding cake.

Ann and Ken Fredericks have been doing the same thing year after year – nibble on a piece original cake from their wedding day.

But what makes their occasion truly amazing is the fact that they’ve been doing this for a long time – 61 years to be exact.

Photo: YouTube.
Ken and Ann got married in 1955 and still eat their original wedding cake. Photo: YouTube.

The couple got married on August 19, 1955, and they’ve been eating on that same fruitcake for over six decades. “And we just cut a little piece off of here,” Ken demonstrates, before drizzling the sweet treat with some brandy. “It preserves it really, the brandy. It preserves it, and it softens it.”

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Even more heartwarming, it was Ann’s grandmother who made the cake for their wedding day. “She made the cake, and it had to hang in their cellar in cheesecake bags to age, because it needs to start ageing before you ice it,” said Ann who revealed that it was tradition to have dark fruitcake in her family.

Still going strong after six decades. Photo: Pinterest.
Still going strong after six decades. Photo: Pinterest.

The couple says they keep the cake wrapped up in a tightly sealed coffee tin that stays in a cupboard above their refrigerator. Ken and Ann say each year they have a little piece with some champagne, reports Fox 32 Chicago.

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“We still love each other, and we enjoy each other’s company,” says Ken. “It’s a collaborative venture that lasts if you allow it to,” Ann said.

“It’s important to us, because it says we’re still together and glad of it,” says Ann.

How amazing is their love story?