Graham Kennedy honoured in Aussie film festival

Graham Kennedy was considered the King of Australian television.

Forget Cannes, Australia is hosting our own film festival, that includes a tribute to the late great Graham Kennedy.

Held from May 18 to 27 the St Kilda Film Festival supports the Australian film industry by turning the spotlight on a wide range of fascinating works that may not otherwise see the light of day. Exceptional films by both emerging talent and short works by accomplished industry professionals are shown on the big screen. The program includes short films, opening and closing event plus the Graham Kennedy special.

The two-hour tribute to the ‘King of Television’ is on tomorrow and will include a panel of special guests, including Patti Newton and voiceover legend Pete Smith. Kennedy was known as ‘The King’ – the boy from Balaclava who made good and conquered the then-new medium of television. In the tribute rare clips from his four decades of television are paired with exclusive anecdotes from special guests who worked closely with him. Highlights will include Kennedy’s first ever filmed appearance – a newly restored 1956 Sennitt’s Ice Cream advertisement – and rarely seen clips from IMT, Blankety Blanks, as well as his last hosting gig on Graham Kennedy’s Funniest Home Videos.

Rachael Griffiths also features in the festival, playing a role in Little Acorns, one of the short films screening. In Little Acorns she plays “a helicoptering love mum, with hair that puts Hollywood to shame.”

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