Does this Dame Edna-inspired frock really represent Australia?

Now this has got to be one of the more strange things we’ve seen! Our Miss Universe Australia will wear a frock, complete with huge Dame Edna glasses atop her head, inspired by the cross dressing queen herself.

A competition to find the winning outfit to be worn at the Miss Universe competition next year saw more than 30,000 votes for the shimmery blue outfit, designed by Timothy Cubbo.

Monika Radulovic will wear Cubbo’s design with some tweaks – she won’t need to hold the glasses on her head and that she loves it.

“It’s all the more reason to pitch our beautiful country and brag”, the pretty 24-year-old said.

The designer said the costume was influenced by drag queen fashion, and Radulovic will be wearing it with a purple wig, just like Barry Humphries’ alter ego Dame Edna Everage.

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And the Dame has even tweeted Cubbo her tick of approval, saying “Good luck, darling Tim!”

Despite this praise, some people are wondering if the very bold outfit is representative of Australia, and if we should have opted for a dress that shows our diverse culture.

Take a look and tell us, what do you think?