Ciao bella! Sophia Loren, stealing the limelight at 81

One of our all-time favourite actresses has stepped out in style – showing that you can still look beautiful in your golden years. At least that’s what we think – tell us how you feel about her latest look.

Italian screen siren Sophia Loren fronted at Milan Fashion Week dressed in an elegant black pant suit, large earrings, several layered necklaces and gold-ringed spectacles.

A long-time friend of Italian designer Giorgio Armani, she was there to see his latest spring/summer 2016 collection unveiled, but ended up stealing the spotlight herself.

The New York Times reports Sophia arrived just before the lights were dimmed for the show, sending photographers into overdrive.

After the show she sat next to the designer during a speech he made to celebrate his autobiography, happily cuddling up to him for more photographs.

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“It was such a beautiful show this season, such colours! Such elegance,” Sophia said. “I really truly loved it”.

“I wanted to be here because I wanted to make Giorgio happy, but also it makes me happy, too. It makes me happy to show him how proud we are of him. He means a lot to me and a lot to Italy. I can’t wait to read the book — I hope there is a copy for me!”

So, yes, fashion was the big winner at Milan Fashion Week, just not the fashion worn by models on the catwalk. Way to go, Sophia.

Films we grew up watching the stunning beauty in include Houseboat, That Kind of Woman, and It Started in Naples. She shot to major stardom after her performance in Vittorio De Sica’s Two Women, where her performance earned her the Academy Award for best actress in 1962.

After starting a family in the 1970s she took on only the occasional role, but in later years appeared in American films such as Grumpier Old Men and Nine.

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What do you think of Sophia’s latest look? Do you have a favourite movie starring the Italian screen siren?