New research into how Anne Frank and her family were really discovered

Long after she became the globally recognised symbol of the Holocaust victims, the mystery around Anne Frank’s capture has been ongoing.

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The most famous theory is that she and her family were betrayed but instead captured as an unrelated issue for another investigation.  New research into the papers, cases, and of course the diary of Anne Frank has been undertaken by the Anne Frank House museum.  In a statement to the press, Ronald Leopold who is the museum’s Execuxtive Director said the research “illustrates that other scenario should also be considered.”

The research has uncoved that Frank and her family may have been discovered after Nazi occupiers were investigating illegal labour or falsified ration coupons. This is backed up by arrest records and official investigation documents.  Anne’s famous diary also makes reference to the arrest of two men for falsified ration coupons.

It was the report of the arrests that make hold the key to the reason Anne and her family was captured as the report says “During their day-to-day activities, investigators from this department often came across Jews in hiding by chance.”

More research into what might have actually happened will continue as Anne’s diary abruptly stops after her and her family were taken from their hiding spot and placed in concentration camps.  Anne died at the age of 15 in the Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp shortly before it was stormed by Allied forces.