Jamie Oliver shares his favourite Christmas recipes

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook is packed with all the classics you need for the big day and beyond, as well as loads of delicious recipes for edible gifts, party food and new ways to love those leftovers. 

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I have a theory that the true fantasy novel is the Cookbook – lots of wonderful recipes, magnificent photographs and lists of ingredients which would fill a Mack truck! Wonderful to look at but best kept in a parallel world.

Having closely perused Jamie Oliver’s latest offering, however, I am prepared to modify my opinion. Whilst many of the meals are for colder climes, just as many would look and taste wonderful for an Australian Christmas.

What’s more, there are many meals which include ingredients such as a prepared panatone, readily available from our local supermarkets.  Jamie is not about everything from scratch – if there is a readily available alternative, he is highly likely to use it.


Jamie sends his fans this message:

This epic book is the culmination of seventeen years’ work fine-tuning the ultimate in amazing recipes, tricks and tips that will deliver for you at home, every time. I’ll only do this book once, so I’ve made sure it’s the best it can be. It would be a real honour for me to think that it will become part of your festive routine – supporting you, holding your hand, reassuring you and guiding you to a really scrumptious Christmas.
I hope you’ll come back to it year after year.
Happy Christmas to you and yours, from me and mine.

Jamie Oliver 

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook is available now from Dymocks. Click here to learn more.

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