February Book Club choices

Happy New Year Starts at Sixty Book Club!

Here we go again, we are so thrilled to announce another year of exciting books for us to share. We are re-launching our fortnightly chat, but with a difference. Our discussion in 2014 is via live chat, no more frantic typing whilst trying to keep up with the conversation, what luxury! Technical details are being finalised, but expect something like Skype, Google Hangouts. etc. Watch this space for further details of how we’ll connect.


First book choice for our new year


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and Liz is our very special guest discussion leader.

liz byrskiYou read correctly, as a very special treat, discussion on Gang of Four will be lead by its AUTHOR, the wonderful Liz Byrski, who as you will recall was highly acclaimed by researcher Professor Imelda Whelahan for her positive portrayal of women over 50 in her novels. (http://www.startsatsixty.com.au/living/more-authentic-over-50-women )

Live chat on Wednesday February 12, at 6.00pm WA time, 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard time and 9.00pm Daylight saving time.


gang-of-fourGang of Four, by Liz Byrski

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Publisher’s Note:

They have been close friends for almost two decades, supporting each other through personal and professional crises parents dying, children leaving home, house moves, job changes, political activism, diets and really bad haircuts.

Now the ‘gang of four’, Isabel, Sally, Robin and Grace, are all fifty-something, successful and restless. It is Isabel who makes the first move, taking a year away from her family to follow in her mother’s footsteps across Europe. Soon Sally is on her way to San Francisco, to come face to face with a guilty secret. Robin, in the wake of a clandestine relationship, heads for isolation in the country. And Grace? Well, Grace would never go away for an entire year, but, lonely in the others’ absence, she thinks she might take a short holiday in England. Once there, she bumps into someone she hardly knows, herself.

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Our second novel for 2014 is

the-rosie-projectThe Rosie Project, by Graham Simsion

Discussion leader Vivienne Beddoe

Live chat on Wednesday 19th February, at 6.00pm WA time, 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time and 9.00pm Daylight saving time.

Publishers Note:

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Don Tillman is getting married. He just doesn’t know who to yet.

But he has designed the Wife Project, using a sixteen-page questionnaire to help him find the perfect partner. She will most definitely not be a barmaid, a smoker, a drinker, or a late-arriver.

Rosie Jarman is all these things. She is also fiery and intelligent and beautiful. And on a quest of her own to find her biological father – a search that Don, a professor of genetics, might just be able to help her with.

The Wife Project teaches Don some unexpected things. Why earlobe length is an inadequate predictor of sexual attraction. Why quick-dry clothes aren’t appropriate attire in New York. Why he’s never been on a second date. And why, despite your best scientific efforts, you don’t find love: love finds you.

Available for $22.50 on Booktopia

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Starts at Sixty live chat is giving our Book Club a whole new dimension and as the Book Club Co-ordinators we are looking forward to your participation and much lively discussion.

Happy reading, Vivienne & Karen