Life off-the-grid and on the open road

Beautiful image from Van Life, used with permission of Hachette Australia

In 2011, Foster Huntington quit his fashion job in New York city and moved into a camper van.

Since then, he has driven more than 100,000 miles around the American west, surfing and camping. 

He created the #vanlife hashtag as he chronicled his adventures living in a van while driving across country.

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Showcasing hundreds of gorgeous and inspirational photographs of vans in idyllic settings from around the world, Van Life is perfect for anyone who daydreams about life off-the-grid and on the open road.

More and more people are taking a break from conventional life for the freedom and adventure of being on the road and living in a converted vintage truck, camper, or van.

He tapped into a community of like-minded individuals looking to explore nature at their own pace.

Van Life showcases the best crowd-sourced photographs of stunning beaches, misty forests, and rocky mountains from Foster’s tumblr account, many of which have never been posted.

Van Life, by Foster Huntington, is available as in hardback or ebook from the publisher, Hachette Australia.  Click here for details.