An enchanting tale of love and magic

Book Cover Stars of FortuneBorn from and forged on an ancient myth of Gods and Goddesses, Good and Evil, comes Stars of Fortune from bestselling author Nora Roberts.

Three women and three men.  Drawn together seemingly without any choice.  Each with their own strengths and secrets.

Sasha, an artist is in desperate need.  She must get to Corfu.  What she plans is a vacation.  Before long she is pulled toward a stranger on the island, Riley, who is an archeologist.  They both know that they are meant to meet.  Before long, there is a man that joins them.  He also knows this place, these people and never doubts that this is where he needs to be.

But there are more to come.

Sawyer.  Annika.  Doyle.  All different and yet all connected by what they know must be done.  To that end they must come together as a team.  The characters have been making their way to this all of their lives.  While they know they should be here, their individual secrets are not easy to reveal.  How do you trust when your entire life to this point has told you to hide your secrets well to stay safe.

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There are three Stars of Fortune.  The first one is fire and the reason why our characters have come together on Corfu.  They must use everything at their disposal to find this while fighting the darkness that needs those same three stars to make her dreams come true.

I am not a fan of fantasy reads but this is such a well written and engaging story – the first of a trilogy.  The characters have been making their way to this all of their lives.

I have read earlier books by Nora Roberts but nothing like this one.  I enjoyed this book and for the fantasy fan it is a jewel.

Definitely one for your “To Read” list – and perhaps a hint for Christmas?

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