An utterly delightful bedtime tale

Where is the Green Sheep? is a particular favourite for my 18-month-old grandson Timothy. He can’t get enough of it, and barely a day goes by without his Mum reading it to him.

Mem Fox and Judy Horacek really know how to talk to a 1-3 year-old; their other classic, Good Night Sleep Tight, gets almost as much attention.

Now the same writer/artist have  team have a new story to tell: a story of THIS, and a story of THAT.

This charming little bedtime tale creates a wonderful, whimsical world that young children will love—it tells the story of a mother rat and her child and their adventures in the wide, wide world.

Mem Fox’s perfect prose is accompanied by Judy’s joyous and endearing illustrations. I have a good idea what I’ll be giving Timothy this Christmas!

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This and That by Mem Fox (illustrated by Judy Horacek) is available now.

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