Bindi's nailed it again with a perfect score!

Bindi does it again on Dancing With the Stars in America this week. Her routine with Derek Hough received yet another standing ovation and scored a perfect 40/40. The pair enacted the famous lift by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey from the 1987 cult classic Dirty Dancing.

Grey, who played Baby in the film, even popped by rehearsal to give Bindi some great advice: “You are more of who Baby is than I was. The key is to trust.” The pair must have listened carefully because their routine and epic lift was flawless.

What made this performance even more special was the special Aussie who witnessed it: Olivia Newton John. Any routine that gets Olivia’s support is sure to have ours!

Take a look at the lift to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” and tell us what you think!

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Here are some other spectacular photos from the performance.

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Tell us, is this your favourite Bindi performance yet?