Billboard names surprise best-selling CD of the year

When you think of the person who sings the best selling CD of the year, you probably think of one of the chart-topping singers your grandkids listen to like Beyonce or Kanye West.

But this year there’s been a surprise artist behind the best-selling CD of the year.

That artist is not from your generation or the generation of our parents, our kids or our grandkids.

Yes, that right’s the artist behind the best-selling CD is none other than Mozart – who’s been dead for 225 years!

Billboard has declared the best-selling CD release of 2016 as Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition, which was released back in October to mark the 225th anniversary of the famous composer’s death.

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It told more than 1.25 million CDs!

So, how did Mozart’s music come to be the best-selling CD release of the year?

Well, if you’re a fan of classical music then you know all too well just how many hits Mozart has.

It turns out the figures for the CD release are so high because each of the Mozart 225 sets has 200 CDs in them, which is equal to only 6250 sets being sold.

Apparently, Mozart’s big-sell comes down to the generation of people who listen to his music.

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Forbes columnist Jordan Passman writes that the CDs sold so much because they were “marketed to a demographic that still values and purchases CDs”.

“The classical music market tends to operate 10-15 years behind the rest of the industry,” he writes.

“So while most of us view our CD collection as an ancient relic of a time long ago, the compact disc is still a very common medium in the world of classical and orchestral music and is the most suitable for this type of release.”

Who would have thought that was the case?! Are you surprised by Mozart having the best-selling CD of the year?