Barbra Streisand tells off Aussie reporter in interview

Ok everyone, if you ever meet Barbra Streisand make sure you pronounce her name correctly!

The legendary singer has scolded 60 Minutes reporter Michael Usher after he said her name in a typically ‘Aussie’ way.

Michael was interview Barbra for the show when he introduced her as Barbra Strei-zand. Big mistake.

In a preview clip for the interview which airs this weekend, Barbra quickly pulls him up.

“What’s my name?” she questions him after he says it.

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“I got it wrong, didn’t I?” he sheepishly replies.

“You said it with a Z. You got a double whammy,” she says, before giving him a lesson on the importance of articulation and emphasis.

“Sand. Can you say ‘Barbra STREI-sand’, not ‘Strei-SAND’. STREI-sand,” she said.

“Barbra STREI-sand,” Micheal concluded.

“That’s right. He’s got it. My gosh, he’s got it,” she said.

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Using a ‘z’ is a very Australian way of pronouncing her name as we tend to use a ‘z’ sound instead of an ‘s’.

We say ‘Auzzie’, but have you ever heard an American try to say it?

It comes out sounding like ‘Ausssssie’ – something Barbra would no doubt think is correct!

Are you a fan of Barbra Streisand? What the worst miss-pronunciation you’ve ever heard?