A mother and child's unique connection: The most heartwarming video you will see today

The powerful bond between mothers and their children is hard to deny, even if you’re far away from each other, or even blindfolded.

Now, that might sound odd, but in a heartwarming video by jewellery maker Pandora, they showed just how unbreakable that bond is between mum and child.

The ad, titled ‘The Unique Connection’ shows six mothers and their children. The mums stand in a line each child is blindfolded and asked to identify his or her mum. Going down the line one by one, the blindfolded children touch and smell each mum until they reach who they think is their mummy.

And every single child was right. They knew their mum even when they couldn’t see. It’s a tear jerker and ends with the beautiful line, “All women are unique. Celebrate the one in your heart”.

It might be a promotional advert but it really is a touching tribute at just the right time of year. Yes, you could buy Pandora products but the overriding message here is that your children will never forget their mum, no matter how they lose sight.

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The ad campaign was launched several weeks before Mother’s Day and now has nearly 15 million views.


Take a look at the video below and tell us, how does this make you feel?