A lawyer visited Bangkok ...

Source: Pixabay

A lawyer visited Bangkok and made his way to an exclusive escort service, where he asked if he could take Zhang Li to dinner.

“Of course you may,” said the owner of the establishment. “It will cost you $300 for Zhang Li’s company. Remember, sir, we are an escort service and not a brothel. You may not have sex with Zhang Li, and she must be back here by 11pm.”

The lawyer agreed and took the stunning Zhang Li to an expensive dinner. At the end of the night, he gave her $1,000 in cash.

“This is a gift for you,” he said.

“You are so generous,” Zhang Li said. “Thank you.”

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“Will you have dinner with me again tomorrow night?” the lawyer asked.

“Of course,” Zhang Li said. “I will cancel my other appointments.”

The next night, things progressed the same as the first. At the end of a delicious meal, the lawyer gave Zhang Li a gift of $1,000.

“I do not understand your generosity,” Zhang Li said, “but I thank you for it.”

“Would you come to dinner with me tomorrow night?”

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“Of course!” Zhang Li said.

The third night was the same as the first, though the lawyer took Zhang Li back to his room this time to give her the $1,000.

Zhang Li was so overwhelmed, she fell into the lawyer’s arms and made love to him until the early hours of the morning.

Finally, the lawyer admitted that he had to leave as he was catching a plane back to Sydney, Australia.

“You didn’t tell me you were from Sydney!” Zhang Li said. “I have a sister who lives there!”

“Yes, I know,” said the lawyer. “She sent you the $3,000.”

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