Will it be ‘bye bye’ for American Pie singer Don McLean?

‘American Pie’ singer Don McLean has been arrested on a misdemeanour domestic violence charge. The hit maker posted a $14,625

‘American Pie’ singer Don McLean has been arrested on a misdemeanour domestic violence charge. The hit maker posted a $14,625 bail on Monday morning and was free to return home to his home in Maine. Little is known about what lead to the charge against McLean except that police responded to a call at the singer’s home and arrested him without any resistance.

McLean found world-wide fame in the 1970s with his hit song ‘American Pie’, a tribute to singers Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper who died in a plane crash in 1959.

Fans were overjoyed last year when it was announced McLean would be one of the headlining acts for this years’ Bluesfest in Byron Bay. It is not known if his arrest will interfere with his 2016 touring schedule.

McLean took part in a Christie’s auction last year where he sold the original manuscript to ‘American Pie’ for a staggering $1.2 million.

  1. Nope domestic violence is rampant in all societies, rich or poor!!!

  2. Domestic violence is not the domain of the poor, domestic violence is throughout society, aggressive violent people both physically and verbally abusing others . I hope they jail him for a long time

  3. Innocent until proven guilty. I am becoming concerned at the growing trend in the media to assume guilt when charges of this sort at bought. He will have his day in court and these charges will be tested and until a guilty verdict is given he is innocent.

    • Dennis Hewitt  

      Spot-on Debbie. Charges are NOT a proof of guilt. That is the province of the Court and I would like to remind all readers of that. I keep an open mind until such time as the charges are proven.
      All too often, the mud can stick, even in the event the accused is exonerated.

  4. He hasn’t even been to court and people are already condemning him. How about a bit of fair play here!

  5. Domestic violence is not to be tolerated on any scale, but I do like to hear both sides of a story before any judgement.

  6. Two sides to every story. Unfortunately, when the media get involved some mud sticks whether it is true or not.

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