When Mal met Mel: The PM gets friendly with Gibson

Yesterday afternoon, an unlikely pair of men came together. Malcolm Turnbull and Mel Gibson looked like firm friends upon their

Yesterday afternoon, an unlikely pair of men came together. Malcolm Turnbull and Mel Gibson looked like firm friends upon their meeting, as they opened a new graduate school at the National Institute for Dramatic Art, where Gibson once studied.

Clearly star struck, the PM gushed “You look fabulous” to the 59-year-old actor. They both reportedly exchanged compliments about how fit and great they looked.

Mr Turnbull gave a rousing speech to a packed auditorium and declared that “culture is at the very essence of who we are”.

“Telling stories, describing ourselves, imagining ourselves, dreaming about the selves we’d like to be … that is as human as eating and drinking,” he said.

“Culture is important,” he said. “Culture is the very essence of who we are. How we express ourselves, how our actors portray us, how our writers describe us, how our musicians capture our very soul. All of that makes us the ­nation that we are.

“A nation without a story, a ­nation without a song, a nation without an ability to portray itself, to mock itself, to idealise itself, to exaggerate itself, would not be a nation at all.”

Mel Gibson then took to the stage and spoke of his time at the Australian performing arts institution during the mid 70s.

“We didn’t have these facilities, we had to imagine these facilities. That was an acting exercise all in itself,” he said, reports The Australian.

“Now you’ve got to know what you’re doing to come here. They’ve got stuff to do. You’ve got to know what you’re doing. I had no idea what I was doing.”

It’s hard to believe considering the success Gibson has had since graduating – Mad Max being one of the films NIDA students would know him for.

He’s in the country also to direct the World War II drama Hacksaw Ridge, reports SMH.


Tell us, would you watch the Mal and Mel Show? Do you think they make a good pair of mates or was it all a media exercise?


  1. Nothing about the article, I have noticed that who ever is writing these articles does not have an edit of them before going out….there have been so many spelling mistakes of late, look at this one there is one in the first sentence.

    • And you think over 60s need education because their not up to your standard?

    • Judith – do you want to employ an editor – and we have to pay to be here? I don’t. I don’t look for typing mistakes. I look for intent which is easy to define mostly. I must add Judith that I am happy to read your point of view in all subjects including this one whether the posting of your view is 100% accurate or not.

    • I never said over 60’s need educating I said the writers of the articles need to proof read them before putting on a public sight nothing more.

    • Bad thing when an article going out to the public that has bad spelling in it. I do not know about any editor it is up to the person who has written it to proof read it before hitting post.

    • Judith Forbes I’ve had a look and can’t see the spelling error in this article! Mind you, it is 6.30am here in QLD 😛 please excuse any grammar issues

    • Judith Forbes completely agree! just so I know, what was the spelling error in this article? I am the editor. Cheers 🙂

    • You used the word join instead of joint sorry but it is not professional to have mistakes like this.

    • Excuse me for pointing out that articles put out to the public should not have spelling mistakes, I am not a cop and I do have more to do, I was just putting it out there, but of course the world is full of perfect people isn’t it!!!!!

    • Darrell Warrington I don’t like spelling mistakes when I make them. Judith has typed sight instead of site – I’ve done that myself and goodness knows how many other mistakes which is why I defend the poster – not the critic when it comes to typos.For most of us that’s all it is. These days, the brain runs words together faster than arthritic fingers can code the words to the keyboard.

    • Carolyn Whitfield I didn’t think that was wrong. Public view is what was meant I believe. Or that is how I read it. Leone O’Sullivan

    • What I spell wrong is bad enough but for a group or a person putting some thing out into the public, for everyone to read as an article it wants comments on, should be proof read before being posted.

      • Carol Hartin  

        Is grammar also important? Check your second sentence.

  2. Gibson is a dill ! Who would bother hanging out with him.

  3. Mel Gibson is a bigoted religious zealot and a self righteous prick, he should be back in the USA where he belongs. We don’t need him or his money.

  4. The Australian PM has to be able to get along with everybody. No “shirtfronting” for Malcolm thank goodness.

  5. interesting combo….a moslem lover & a jew hater…..

    • Leone, not all Jews are ” money makers ” what’s your problem, why do you stereo type people, in any event, who cares , unless you have a hidden agenda

  6. It says Malcolm Turnbull hung out with Mel Gibson for a join project…..I think it is meant to say joint project….

  7. Don’t know what this PM is really up to? Wants the limelight so much! Stick to your being pm and stop making beautiful eyes esp when the camera is on!!!! …

  8. Goodness, why the nitpicking, or is it knitpicking, almost afraid to tipe, ooops type a comment, for feer, oops fear of being corrected by the text police, take a chill pill, have a cuppa and relax.

  9. What has happened to SAS?? Mostly when I read the comments now so many people are being rude & nasty. It seems as though no one has anything nice to say about anything any more.

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