Viewers crown Daryl Somers’ show the worst ever

It’s been hailed as Daryl Somer’s comeback hit, but viewers who tuned in to watch You’re Back In The Room

It’s been hailed as Daryl Somer’s comeback hit, but viewers who tuned in to watch You’re Back In The Room last night were less than impressed with what they saw.

The show is supposed to be a funny and light-hearted hour of entertainment, where volunteers are hypnotised on stage in front of a live audience and told to do ridiculous activities to compete for money.

Despite the cruel comments, the show was actually a ratings hit with 2 million people tuning in at its peak.

Daryl has largely been missing from our screens since his popular show Hey, hey it’s Saturday wrapped up, with many fans hoping this would be his big breakthrough back into the industry.

If the ratings from the first episode are anything to go by, Daryl will be around for a little while yet.

However, the real test till come next week when we’ll find out if people will return for round two after the “train wreck” first episode.

Did you watch this show? Are you a fan of Daryl Somers?

  1. Gordon  

    Garbage and insult to your intelligence.

  2. Julie Watson  

    Thought it was great we need more of it

    • Avril  

      Thouroughly enjoyed the show. Can’t wait to watch more of them.

  3. Robyn Aitken  

    One word . . . BORING!!
    One or two laughs, but basically very slow and boring. I guess I was expecting something akin to Hey Hey. Totally disappointed!

  4. Di Dowd  

    The worst show I have ever seen on TV.
    Daryl is tragic .Even the contestants didn’t laugh when they saw the Replay .Why put such an ugly woman to chat up Daryl when you can see he was repulsed .Not one good thing about a shocking show ..Nothing funny at all and next week it’s the old face in the cake …. Really !!!!

  5. Leanne Sullivan  

    i thought it was good for a laugh why dont you all above try to lighten up and see the funny side of life instead of being pompus arses you didnt have to watch or make horrible comments just dont watch it and save opinions to yourself you negative sad bastards

  6. roy bridges  

    Great show very funny, will be watching again next week !

  7. Lea Aitken  

    Well I really enjoyed it and had some great laughs. What is wrong with people? Taking things too seriously?

  8. Kathy  

    Early days, hopefully it will improve- seemed to be a bit contrived

  9. I watched it through, just light entertainment I didn’t watch to be educated it had some funny bits.

  10. Find all reality show really mindless sick of cooking renovating marrying surviving etc etc bring back good tv so mant series we miss out on from overseas get reality shows cheap to make maybe

  11. JB  

    Goodness, it’s lighthearted entertainment! Had plenty of laughs!😆😆

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