Twiggy reveals secret to staying fit in her 60s…and why she doesn’t like Botox

Twiggy is one of those enduring figures of our youth. We watched her during her supermodel days as the doe-eyed
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Twiggy is one of those enduring figures of our youth. We watched her during her supermodel days as the doe-eyed mod girl, and now we watch as she has transformed into a wonderful role model for young and old alike.

The 66-year-old is the new host of “Born on the Same Day”, a show about three people who share the same birthday, and she’s being doing a number of interviews. As has been the norm throughout her career, discussion has turned to her weight and how she manages to stay so fit.

But the answer might surprise you! She’s not into fad diets or crazy exercise regimes. No – Twiggy loves to tap dance!

‘I am not fanatical, but over the years tap-dancing has been a big thing in my life’, she said, reports the Daily Mail.

‘I have one-on-one lessons. It’s such great fun. I did it for the show My One And Only on Broadway and for The Boy Friend.

‘I think everyone should learn to tap-dance. It’s a great way of keeping fit. Fred Astaire was still dancing in his 70s.’

‘I used to go to the gym but I think you have to be careful, especially as you get older.

‘I just want to be supple, and Pilates is brilliant because it stretches you. I love that’.

Twiggy – real name Lesley Lawson – talked about the years of speculation on her size.

“Everyone’s built differently. We weren’t put on this earth to be skinny. I’ve always felt that.

“I happen to be skinny because that’s how I was born – it was my natural weight and size.”

She added, “I’ve never dieted.

“My favourite indulgences are chocolate and a nice glass of wine.

“I don’t think diets work, personally. Anyone I’ve ever known who’s lost weight on a diet puts it all back on again afterwards.

“There been a lot of publicity about obesity, and it’s good at last the food industry is realising that they’ve got to cut down on sugars – so I think that’s a positive”.

The television host also revealed why she steers away from Botox in a column for the Guardian: “I have had highlights since I was 16… so I have always been a blonde – out of a bottle. Fringes are flattering and I’ve had a full fringe since the late 80s when I was coming up to my forties.

“I haven’t had plastic surgery but, if I ever felt the need, I would find a very, very good surgeon. I would never use Botox because in my mind it’s poison”.

Tell us, were you and are you still a fan of Twiggy?